Thanks to smart technology, the culture of learning has evolved significantly over the last several years. Those who want to keep learning have more options available. Even students who wish to perform better academically can turn to other learning solutions to achieve their desired learning level.

However, it's not just the advancement in technology that's serving lifelong learners well. New programs are designed to make learning more effective and turn it into a wonderful life experience.

Whether you're a student in one of the leading private schools in Abu Dhabi or a parent of a learner who is just starting out, you can consider a variety of new learning methods when learning a second language. Here are the five that have served others well:

1. Language Learning Apps

Learning English, Arabic or any other language that's not an elective in school? Education doesn't need to stop once the class ends if you have a language learning app on your smartphone or other mobile devices. 

There are many apps to choose from that will not only translate your thoughts into the language of your choice but also provide various exercises. In fact, many of these free language learning apps have games that can boost your vocabulary and verbal mastery.

Moreover, language learning applications also come with learning assistance services to further sharpen language learning skills.

Of course, the beauty of these apps is learning can be done anywhere, anytime, and in new forms. The study experience is elevated – it's more enjoyable, engaging and effective.

2. TV Programs

There's a growing number of TV programs dedicated to helping students learn a new language easier. They even present various situations wherein new knowledge can be applied. Also, they provide lots of information to help learners develop a deeper understanding of commonly used words and phrases.

For example, a TV program that teaches the Japanese language includes favorite phrases, common words, and names of things. Therefore, students learn the full extent of associations for certain words or sayings, increasing their ability to express themselves appropriately for specific situations.

Although TV programs teaching a new language aren't exactly a novel provision anymore, the unique presentation of lessons and actual coverage offers a fresh feel to the program. More importantly, the students become more interested in what they learn.

3. Immersion

Study programs abroad are fairly common now, too. But like TV programs for learning, many of these immersive learning techniques have been designed in a different way.

Some language learning schools offer students the chance to live with their private teacher abroad. It's an entirely different experience that has proven effective for many.

Living with your teacher means that the instruction and application of language knowledge are non-stop. It's the arrangement you wake up to every day for a certain period – meaning, there's no excuse not to use the language you're studying.

Of course, the traditional kind of immersion still works. Many kindergarten schools in Abu Dhabi can integrate expats into Arabic classes where they not only learn the language but also socialize with local students.

When you practice speaking a language with native speakers, you gradually hone not only your fluency in the language but also your pronunciation.

4. Group Learning

Another familiar approach that has been given a fresh update is language group learning. Learners either create a group and assign moderators or hire an English or Arabic teacher to moderate group study sessions.

What makes this so effective is that learning doesn't have a rigid structure. Most of the time, it starts with accurately addressing the problem points and interests of every learner in the group. The atmosphere is friendly, making second language acquisition less stressful.

Like immersion, you have plenty of opportunities for group learning to practice speaking a new language in the UAE. You can become part of a language exchange community, enroll in Arabic conversation courses, or casually initiate dialogues with native Arabic speakers.

5. Video Tutorials

Online videos are beneficial to anybody who wants to learn anything quickly and efficiently.  The wonderful thing about video tutorials is you have access to different personalities who just want to share their knowledge.

There are a lot of video platforms where you can find tutorials, but YouTube is probably the most accessible and popular of them all.

There are long-time Arabic teachers from prestigious schools who use their free time to help anybody interested or struggling with the language. There are also native speakers and fresh university grads who want to build up their experience in teaching by teaching online.

Tutorial videos for languages come in different formats. This means students can choose whichever they believe would be most effective for them.

Accessible Language Learning

Education has never been more accessible, thanks to technology and innovation. 

Choosing a way to learn a new language is really just a matter of finding an arrangement or program that works perfectly for you.